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A'ayan Investment Company KSC awarded an annual translation contract to Al-Alsun

In April 2006, A'ayan Investment Company, being a major Islamic investment and financing company in Kuwait and the region, signed an annual renewable contract with Al-Alsun. "This contract will ensure that all of our requirements of legal and Islamic Sharia'a contract and documentation to be accommodated on a timely basis" Mr. Abdulsattar Al-Qattan, Executive Manager of A'ayan Legal Affairs and Sharia'a Supervision said. Mr. Al-Qattan added "Al-Alsun is familiar with the most recent legal and Sharia'a terminology in our focused market, i.e. investment and financing".


Al-Alsun is the sole translator of KGL Investment

In a step to lead the profession in Kuwait with a view to be the leader in the Middle East, Al-Alsun has been awarded an annual contract by KGL investment Company, an investment sector player established by reputable Kuwaiti and other gulf businessmen. This contract stipulates, inter alia, providing KGL investment with all what it needs of translation, copywriting, proofreading and editing services.


Al-Alsun is the accredited Insurance translators of Ain Takaful Insurance

Having completed the first project with Kuwait-based Ain Takaful Insurance Company, Al-Alsun managed to expand its client base to include Islamic Takaful insurance companies. This step proves that Al-Alsun's strengthens extend to traditional insurance and Islamic Takaful insurance.


Al-Muthana Investment: Al-Alsun was our first choice

"Although it is risky for a major institution like MIC to rely on one supplier, I found it more practical to deal with only one reputable and professional translation service provider than to allocate the same service to various firms and get inconsistent products" Vice-president of Kuwait-based Al-Muthana Investment Company, Mr. Abdulatif Khalid, commented on awarding two successive projects to Al-Alsun.


Committed to Fidelity, Quality and Timely Delivery

No translation produced by us ends with just typing the output; we review, proofread and keep in touch with our customer so as to ensure the final deliverable accurately express our customer's message. That's why we are the first choice of the major companies and institutions

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